A small memoir on Little Fighter 2

So I was scrolling through dank memes and anime tiddies when I saw a post about little fighter 2 today (2021, I am publishing this article in 2023 though). Someone was asking ‘Do you know this game?’ and I was like, know? That game probably makes up a small part of me. Of course I […]

A Thought Experiment On Creativity

You should always bring out the creative impulses inside you. Now, these creative impulses can be of two types. One, you want to throw out all the garbage that you have accumulated over the years and two, you want to express something into this world that wants to be expressed through you. And doing both […]

Gdevelop Casual Game Development Stream Part 37 [Add Login & Dashboard To Main Menu & Logout Logic]

Integrate login and dashboard scenes in the main menu of the game: 0:00 to 14:52 Implement logout functionality: 15:05 to [End of Video] (You can watch the video at 2x speed to save time) Download the final apk from here (for the standalone version of the game. That is, the version with no networking capabilities.): https://github.com/ayushraj1024/soulhunterdowntownstandalone/tree/master/apk […]